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She, He & Me.....Make Three.

Rain rain go away.....

Megan Simon

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So we had a beautiful long summer this year in British Columbia, and last week I woke up to the harsh realization that summer is now officially over. The sound of rain beating against my window made me want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed forever.  Sound familiar? Is this how you feel too?  Winter blues or SAD's ( Seasonal Affective Disorder), whatever you want to call it, are upon us.  For myself, winter blues are a very real thing, brought on by the sudden change in seasons combined with growing up in a country where...

Superwoman..... I think not!!

Megan Simon

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For those of you who wonder how I get as much done in a week as I do, here's how.... I mostly cheat....If I want to have a day just staying in with Maia in our PJs I get my groceries delivered from Save on Foods. I have cleaners that come once a month to do a deep cleanA BFF who picks my kid up once a week and spends the whole afternoon and sometimes the night with her. Who also does some personal shopping for the both of us.A Grandma who is more then willing to help while she's...