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Superwoman..... I think not!!

Megan Simon

For those of you who wonder how I get as much done in a week as I do, here's how.... I mostly cheat....

If I want to have a day just staying in with Maia in our PJs I get my groceries delivered from Save on Foods.

I have cleaners that come once a month to do a deep clean

A BFF who picks my kid up once a week and spends the whole afternoon and sometimes the night with her. Who also does some personal shopping for the both of us.
A Grandma who is more then willing to help while she's here when I need to work or have appointments or special orders I need to fill for customers.
Another BFF who lends me her nanny when we have a special events and cannot find a sitter and picks me up clothing because I cannot be bothered.
Another BFF who reminds me and kicks me in the butt when I need to restock my display cases. She also reminds me when I am doing too much and does my hair.
Yet another BFF who picks me up and hauls my butt to yoga and drops off yummy food items she's experimenting with and reminds me when a glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered.
And another BFF who documents our lives with her wonderful photography and shares many a "mom moment" with me.
I have a group of friends who I can call on at any time in case of emergency. (Sometimes an emergency is just classified as the need to have a shower or have a latte delivered...)

When I need a mental health break during the day, yes *gasp* I do let my toddler watch an episode of Baby Einstein in order to have a moment of piece and quiet and the ability to scarf down some food, switch the laundry over and burn my tongue drinking my coffee too fast. Then stop to admire my daughter being cute and quiet for a minute and wonder how I got so lucky.

I buy things that make my life easier, pre shredded coleslaw, lettuce and broccoli slaw in order to slam together fast healthy salads, I buy chickens already roasted and *gasp* Pre made smoothies!!!

I don't roll my coin I just throw it in the coin sorter at the bank. I do most of my banking online, I even deposit Cheques through my TD app by snapping two quick pictures.

I also rely heavily on Maia's dad to pick up our slack and take care of her when I can't. He is so great about that and is shaping up to be a pretty amazing dad for someone who has never even hung out with a kid or held a baby.

I take full advantage of and their amazingly fast delivery services, because we all know that packing a kid up when they are grouchy and need a nap not only can take up to an hour and a half, but its just not happening, and we contemplate strapping a plastic bag to our kids butt and calling it a diaper when we run out, but instead I just have them delivered to my door, along with wipes, stain remover and new safety latches....Check, check, check....and then probably order Chinese while I'm at it. If only Starbucks delivered or even if Amazon delivered can only dream.

And guess what, sometimes I skip a shower or washing my face at night. I sometimes have four day old bun hair and fall asleep with my shoes still on. Some days I don't even separate my clothes, they just all go in the machine.....*gasp*...... guess what no one died, and it really didn't affect my Mom Uniforms of black on black on black sweats and slouchy shirts....A little towel lint never hurt any one, besides it gives Maia something to do when we are standing in line anywhere. *Insert toddler picking lint balls and pilling off mommies shirt in deep concentration* Clean shirt, child entertained, fine motor skills honed.....check, check, check, #winning!

And most importantly I don't hover over my child and drive us both crazy, sometimes we both sit at separate ends of the living room and just "read" our own books and have a time out. Im learning the art of allowing my child to learn to be independent and its working out wonderfully for both of us. Not to mention she will go to her Dad, Grandma, and Aunties without a fuss(sometimes a little too easily, we will have to have a stern 'Stranger Danger' talk when she's older) and then happily back to me when the time is right. 

For those of you who keep saying I'm super woman...I am not....I am just blessed with amazing people, my village if you will, who I get to call friends & family and am learning to cut myself some slack wherever I can for the benefit of my whole family....after all when your a mom, entrepreneur, partner, worker bee, and a BFF yourself you need to cut corners somewhere and do what you have to do to get it all done and still get a few hours sleep.

Speaking of which, I'm off to grab a coffee which my Tassimo spits out in ten-fifteen seconds and then off to my BFFs for a Family dinner, which she bought pre-made from Costco and guess what she's getting her groceries delivered tomorrow too!!

Wish me luck as I do the same for you, life is busy enough, take the easy route.


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